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Your Wholesome New Year 2017



The New Year is here and we need a new calendar for 2017. But how do we select the right one to help us navigate the days, weeks, months ahead? Can just one effectively cover all the aspects of what I do and who I am? Through years of exploring, I came to realize that I need 5 different types of calendars to organize and enhance my annual journey.


1 – Practical to-do planner

I know, I know, nowadays most people are using smart mobile devices to plan their waking hours. Perhaps that’s good for practical scheduling of tasks to do. Even though I still prefer to use printed paper planner along with an assortment of pens and pencils. The ring-bound compact size daily FranklinPlanner sits on my desk. I’ve used different designs over the years: from Simplicity to “Her Point of View to Seasons” to Living Color. I like to switch them around a little. Explore and see which type of practical planner is the most efficient for you.



2 – Quick-glance wall calendar

Every year I choose a different kind of wall calendar for the kitchen. For 2017, I got one with a simple design and interesting quotes. FranklinPlanner has some great selections. The purpose of the monthly wall calendar is to hold important dates for the household. So select a design that appeals to all family members.



3 – DatebSoulful Sparks Calendar 2017ook for the Soul


Yes, we all need a guide on our pilgrimage through the year to offer us adequate nourishment for our inner life. I began with the Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul, and then developed my own Soulful Sparks Calendar. It’s a weekly contemplative datebook to nurture my Soul and help me be in touch with the seasons. Every Sunday morning, I spend time with the verse and the image for the week ahead, and note the thoughts that arise into my journal.


Click here or on the thumbnail to learn more about the Soulful Sparks Calendar 2017, see the preview pages, and enjoy the 4-part video series on the Soul’s journey through the seasons.



4 – Daily inspiration

And I find it helpful to have daily morsels of spiritual food so that my to-do list doesn’t take over and deplete me. It’s important to take in some quick soulful snacks each day to stay relaxed and inspired. To keep our inner flame alive. Hay House has some nice daily inspirational calendars with the tear-off-a-page for each day. You can choose messages from different authors.




Or you can get daily inspirational messages delivered to your email box to lift your spirits before you plunge into the practical matters of your job. You can subscribe to Daily Soulful Sparks to receive a thoughtful message and an inspiring image by email each morning. The annual membership is only $44. Send me a note below if you are interested.


5 – Interests and hobbies

So we took care of our work, household, Soul, daily sparkles. But then we also need something to reflect our interests and hobbies. Next to the reclining chair by the window, along with my contemplative Soulful Sparks Calendar, is the We’Moon datebook calendar to feed my feminine and pagan side. If you live alone, your kitchen wall calendar can be doubled as the reminder of your interests.




Have fun exploring what’s best for you. Choose wisely. Test your choices for a year. Then review how well you were served by your calendars. Take notes. Adjust your selections for the next year. The life journey continues…




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