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The clocks were turned back to the natural solar dial in the U.S. last weekend. Finally. What a relief to be in sync with the cosmic Chronos again. But this change always requires some adjustments: we have to acclimate to the beat of Nature anew after running ahead since before the Vernal Equinox.

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As we connect with the rhythms of the Earth, some shadows will dissolve, revealing the stark reality. Can we face its penetrating stare? Why is the most powerful nation in the world so eager to jump ahead into illusions, and oddly reluctant to face the Truth?

If the humanity is to rise up from the current misery, a profound transformation needs to take place. And the time is Now. But how? It comes down to subtle shifts in personal perception and attitude. It’s about the inner evolution, not the outer revolution. So slow down. Quietly contemplate your surroundings: the changes in Nature, the echoes of the Past. Find your balance in your column of Light, connect with your Highest Self, raise your vibration. Practice a simple, yet effective, conscious movement exercise. The free harmonious movement meditation awaits you…

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Look at this week’s image for the soulful sparks below. It was taken by my sister Nataša Stubler a few years ago in Slovenia, Europe, yet, it reflects what I see on my walks in Rockland County, NY, at this very moment. Trees are at different stages in the process of autumnal transformation. The variations of green, yellow, orange, red, brown leaves are inviting my attention. As they are descending onto the ground, the grey-browns of the branches and trunks begin to meet my eyes. If I tune in more carefully, I can discern lovely pink pulsating inside, a sign of vibrant life. And I know that the peach blossom tones will become fully apparent in the Mid-Winter to soften the harsh weather.


“Let go of the Past. Allow the Future become. Embrace the ever-changing Now.” ~ Soulful Wizardess


Let go of the Past. Allow the Future become. Embrace the ever-changing Now. Everything in life is a process. Let’s feel into the shades of browns and greys, which are coming to the surface in November. These two colors can be dull or vibrant, depending on what’s stirring inside. Brown soil can be bare, or pregnant with nourishing potential for growth. Grey branches can be dead or alive, depending on our inner perspective. At this point of human evolution, it’s up to us to decide which way the forces will turn. And the choice sleeps within each one of us.

The kernel of Truth awaits between the luscious attire of the green Summer and the abundant harvest of the yellow-orange-red Autumn. Will we hang onto the sense-appealing memories of the high-season’s blossoming, and muddle them into Pride? Will we grab the enticing opportunity of wealth, and destroy it into Greed? Both of these are lifeless, grasping in vain onto the Past or the Future. A third option is also present, less obvious perhaps: the path of continuous change in the Now, full of lovely sparks and vibrant existence.

Pont Neuf, Paris, 2007 ©Marta Stemberger

I offer you another image to ponder this week: Pont Neuf in Paris, taken in the middle of November in 2007 when I visited my favorite city the last time. Behind the yellow and green leaves, you can see the grey pink of the bridge peaking through. The view is from the front of the historical home of Heloise (1101-1164) and Peter Abelard (1079-1142). They both went against the prevailing mores of their epoch in search of Truth. They followed the path of Light through Love and exploration of intellectual freedom. They chose Life and were severely punished by the society. Yet, they persevered even when cruelly separated. And their letters, especially those of Heloise, still shine brilliantly through the centuries. Their story continues to inspire and give hope to us today.

As human beings living on the Earth, we are free to choose Pride, Greed, or Life. We are called to walk the path of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, led by Light and embraced by Love. Let’s learn from the Past, let’s hear the guidance of the Future to make the right decision in the Present.


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Choose Life

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