Co-Creating Life


I was taken aback for a moment when reading Rudolf Steiner’s verse for this week (Week 20). But then I realized that he was presenting an image as if in a photo negative. Now I can see that he was trying to convey how a person’s life would be if separated from others, if severed from the Spirit world. Each one of us would die if left alone.

We are spiritual and gregarious creatures. The Spirit Light and human love are essential ingredients for our species to live. We need communion with the Divine, as well as the embrace of the human community to keep our Soul sparkle alive. Barbara Marx Hubbard, a founder of Foundation for Conscious Evolution, encourages us to form communities, even small ones. I agree. Yes, continue to work on your own to mature and grow into your Highest Self, while simultaneously connect with others on the same path to ignite communal passion for raising humanity to the next level, to peaceful co-creative co-existence.


“Let’s connect in Light and Love now. Let’s co-create peaceful co-existence.”


Have you noticed that lilies always grow in a bunch? One stem holds two or more glorious blossoms. Yes, we have to spend time alone to find our core and the source of soulful sustenance. But we also need nurturing surroundings to share our fruits. In today’s world, we tend to forget both. We complain that our packed schedules don’t allow space for inward explorations and that we’re too busy to cultivate friendships. All the while we’re wasting hours and hours immersed in an odd communion with electronic devices. We constantly engage in elaborate schemes to construct barbwire protection of the personal medieval-like towers, nay, dungeons, into which we lock the Soul. We pour an enormous amount of energy to isolate ourselves from ourselves and others.

Earning cash for the sake of accumulating wealth is ludicrous. Money in itself is empty. If stuck in one place, unbalance occurs, and we all suffer. We’re sucked into fabricating enticing masks to cover up the dull and uncomfortable inner chambers devoid of Soul life. It’s up to each one of us to make a choice: Life or death.

Without the spark of Spirit Light, we shrivel up. Without communal love, we dry up. And we die alive. I can see a scary trend… Many are turning into soul-less creatures, resembling zombies, organic robots, with no free will. Wake up. You are a spiritual being in a human body. Don’t forget your wings, don’t sell your free will in exchange for elusive worldly fame and passing physical comforts.

What do you choose? Aimless walk through twilight zone, or vibrant engagement with Light and Love and Life. Which path will you take: the road of destruction, or the trail of creation?


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Contemplate this week’s image and verse:


Co-Creating Life

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