In the Quiet of My Soul

The transition from the old into the New Year in the Gregorian calendar occurs in the middle of the Holy Nights. From Christmas to Epiphany, or rather, for the first two weeks of Winter, we are invited to slow down, and commune with our Soul. To nurture the inner Light.

“The Winter will arouse in me the Summer of the Soul,” ponders Rudolf Steiner. The warmth and the brightness of Summer are now stored inside of us. At the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, we can perceive the warmth and brightness within us in a new Light. In the glow of soft pink, the most spiritual of colors: pure Spirit white with a drop of Life’s red.

But we need to consciously turn our gaze inward, away from the artificial shine of the New York City’s Times Square. Away from the intruding glare of the media. Away from the polished gloss of emptiness.


Find your way to the warm gathering of shining human Souls.


“The magic is in the mess,” writes Brené Brown. Mhm, yes, we are born through the mess of pain and blood. The fresh young sprouts of plants have to push through the dirt to meet the Sun. When we look at the people gathered in a circle, they are not the picture-perfect speci(wo)men, showcased on the newsstand’s magazines. The real human beings are unique: each with their own struggles and wrinkles. Their beauty meets you from within… because it’s the heart that matters. The genuine “How are you?” that reaches out to you. A sincere smile that touches you.

Many need to return to work the first week of the year, to the duties of daily life that bring in the check we all need to pay our bills. Yet, we can still practice kindness in the midst of busy schedules. We can share our inner depth with family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, strangers—day after day, moment after moment—through mindful communication. Connect with others through thoughtful words and heartfelt action.

May the brightness of the Sun, cultivated within you, illuminate the dark months. May the warmth of the Summer, nourished within your heart, flow into the cold world to bridge the gaps and spasms among us. May the glow of heart-to-heart human interaction awaken the humanity across the globe. Be generous to breathe out to give; be open to breathe in to receive.


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Contemplate this week’s image and verse:

The verse for the first week of the New Year below invites us to search for the Spirit Light within. Once we begin emitting our own purified Light, we can truly connect with each other. The accompanying image depicts the main square in my hometown Novo mesto, Slovenia. The sun-yellow lit structure is the old municipal building. We notice two possible paths to follow. One is the broad road, leading us gently to the inviting area in front of the town hall. Looking towards the other, we’re forewarned by a red sign. If we go along that way despite the warning, we’ll walk dark, narrow, winding alleyways, which nonetheless emerge at the gathering place, but on the other side. Regardless of our choice, we arrive at the same destination: The warm congregation of shining human souls. One is just more arduous and takes longer than the other.

In the Quiet of My Soul

To read the Rudolf Steiner’s Verse 39 for this week, click here.


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Soulful Sparks Calendar 2017: Your Soul’s Companion for the Journey through the Seasons awaits you...


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