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Everything has its reason. We just have to look for it. The answer may be clear cut and simple, or a bit vague and complex. Here’s my question: Why is Easter on the first Sunday after the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere?

Spring and autumn complement each other: they exist at the same time in the Earth’s North and South, enriching the planet. What if jumping with joy and falling with sadness enable us to find the rich balance within ourselves as human beings?

The Spring Equinox is the moment of the perfect equilibrium between night and day, and the entrance into the brighter part of the year. And I see Easter as the merging of the conscious and subconscious. The moment when we overcome sadness, pain, and death, and embrace life and joy. We’ve been working on our emotions, on our inner chambers since the Winter Solstice, and now it’s time to bring our thoughts and feelings into conscious actions into the world of matter. Nature was resting, if observed with a naked eye, but beneath the surface, many processes were taking place. Slower at first, then quicker as the sap’s flow turned upward again at the beginning of February. Everything in Nature has been gaining strength to bloom and to mate in the Spring.

People, as part of Nature, have also been engaged with this energy. We felt the stirrings in us. Ideas may have been bubbling up: “I’m eager to bring them to life.” Yet, we had to undergo the stages of preparation, patiently. During the last stretch between the Spring Equinox and the first Sunday after the full Moon, the Soul’s focus has been shifting from feeling to doing.

It’s been a long stretch this year, full four weeks. For me, they have been intense. I’ve got lots done, even though life was throwing some odd fire balls at me, perhaps to test if my Soul was prepared for a new phase in the annual pilgrimage. I think I did well, albeit at the last minute. The darkness and grime are gone, at least for now. I’m ready to put on a fresh garment of Light and Joy. Are you? Awesome, if you are; no worries, if you aren’t. The journey is ongoing.


May we live in the Spirit’s flow every moment of our lives.


Life is a never-ending spiral. We need to surrender to its flow as we walk through shadows and Light, falling and rising. Without the shadows, we aren’t able to truly experience the Light; without the falling, we won’t appreciate the rising. Can we know joy if we have never lived through pain? We want immediate bliss. But are we capable to be in a perpetual state of happiness if we don’t have the stamina to deal with our own fears?

Hopefully, we are more aware of the spiritual processes today than we were last year at Easter. So that step by step we can live more and more in the Spirit’s flow every moment in our lives.

We are never alone. The support from the Spirit world is always available. Our Highest Self continually speaks to us in thought impressions. Gradually, we develop the habit of noticing them; slowly, we may acquire a sense about the meaning of the messages. While many different tools and practices can assist us, there’s no one-fits-all approach. You need to try for yourself, and see what works for you. I’ve searched far and wide, and for a long time. The Rudolf Steiner’s I-A-O harmonious movement meditation, along with the harmonious movement art of eurythmy strengthened my connection with the Highest Self the most. I’ve prepared the written and audio guided meditations, which you can get for free by clicking here. Check them out and see how they resonate with you.

If you’d like to experience harmonious movement in person, I invite you to come to the three-part eurythmy lecture-and-workshop at the Anthroposophical branch in NYC. The first part will honor the Earth Day this coming weekend, April 21-22, 2017. Learn more and register in advance at

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In the Spirit's Flow

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