Intricate Laces of Life


The veils between the worlds are thin not just on the night of Samhain or Hallowmas/Halloween, which was in the middle of last week, but for a few days around the Mid-Autumn at the beginning of November.

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Yes, the thin veil between the worlds allows us to open up and receive wisdom. But the transparency also makes the flame within each one of us vulnerable. Are you resilient enough to stand up against the shadows? Do you have enough confidence to shine your uniqueness within the universal Light?

I’ve been struggling my whole life to find the bridge between being open and feeling safe. My deeper explorations into Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul through the weekly blog Soulful Sparks of Inspiration have been bringing me some insights over the past three years. I’ve come to realization that the Soul’s anatomy is such that allows us to be open and feel safe at the same time.

The Soul is sensitive to vibrations, all of them. Some give pleasure, and some cause pain. You can activate the protection of your inner Light at two levels: the outer fence and the inner membrane. The shield on the outside reflects away the harm from the external negativity and darkness. The protective lace spirals up and down your inner core to prevent the gnawing anxieties and worries from eating you alive.

We’re more familiar with the outer barrier. But inside, at the very essence of our Soul, there is a vertical thread of Light, aligning us with our Highest Self, almost like a spine. There we can create another layer of safety that helps strengthen this upright connection, so we don’t crumble when hit hard by life.


“Weave a unique lace with your joys and sorrows to protect you from within.” ~ Soulful Wizardess


And then there’s space between the outer shield and the inner spiral, where we allow certain people to enter. Oddly enough, it’s these folks, closest to us, who can hurt us the most. You know… a harsh word said or a kind word withdrawn, a certain look on the friend’s face, being ignored by the spouse. These moments feel as if someone physically punched into your solar plexus with an iron fist. It can shatter you to pieces.

We’ve all experienced this pain at various degrees at least once, if not more often. How do you shelter yourself from such excruciating experiences? Discernment, compassion, forgiveness. As you fine-tune your capacities of observation and contemplation, you’ll slowly begin to block harmful people and energy from your personal space. Be gentle and careful though: Don’t make your selection rules too unforgiving. Shift from “How could you do this to me?” to “Why did you do this? What made you act this way?” You’ll find that the “enemy” is just a broken person, trying to safeguard herself or himself from suffering. Keep in mind that we are all broken: some with easily repairable cracks, some dismembered so badly that healing may take a long time.

How do you guard yourself from being shattered into pieces? Cleanse your innermost garden first. What are the worms that are nibbling at you inside? What inner shadows are obstructing your true Light? Bravely purge the chatter and habits that are diminishing your Soul’s flame. Weave your own intricate lace up and down your spine of Light. Create it from joys and sorrows, from the lessons you’ve learnt. Become resilient as you stand in your unique column of Light, receiving strength and love from your Highest Self.


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Intricate Laces of Life

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