Melody in Your Bones

On my evening walks along the Hudson River, I’ve been marveling at the mesmerizing crisp sliver of the first new moon in 2017 against the indigo sky. Its strength is growing, bathed in the inspiring rays of the Sun’s journey through the Aquarian lands.

When the Sun shines onto Earth through the constellation of Aquarius, something stirs in us. We’re still two months away from Spring in the Northern hemisphere. Yet, fresh drops of invigorating Spirit elixir are spreading through our energy field. The will to create arises in the mind anew. What seed shall I choose to cultivate this year? What shall I nurture into being for Spring Equinox? The Soul’s sight is now clearer if we’ve been tending to the new born Light since the Winter Solstice.

The January new moon, Chinese New Year, and Lunar Imbolc on January 27 happened midway between the Sun entering Aquarius (on January 19) and the solar Imbolc or Candlemas (on February 2). A nice synchronization of the Moon and the Sun, the past and the present, and thus a powerful omen for the year ahead. The fire is burning within. Phoenix is eager to emerge from the ashes. (Listen to the Episode 3: Wisdom of Aquarius and Red Phoenix on Soulful Sparks Radio to learn more about what will manifest for you in 2017.)

Eurythmy figure M, hand-drawn by Marta Stemberger, based on Rudolf Steiner's indications
Yet, at the same time, remember  that we still have eight weeks of Winter ahead of us. Enough time to properly prepare before we plunge into action in Spring. Let’s examine the ashes that will give birth to blossoms and fruits. Let’s look back in order to be able to see the future. Someone asked about the meaning of memory at my eurythmy presentation at the Edgar Cayce Center in the middle of January. In many languages, the word for memory contains the sound M. Likewise, the name of the goddess Mnemosyne, the personification of memory.

The consonant M arises from the Aquarian pale magenta waters (spiritual soft pink enhanced with a few extra drops of active red), and breathes through the colors of green, blue, and violet. The vibrations of M mold the human essence from the energies of matter and Love, permeated with the green balance of Nature, blue contemplation of enlightened human mind, and violet royal of angelic presence. Thus memory encourages us to ponder the past, find the balance in the present, and gain assurance to move into the future. When we are remembering, we are listening to the past to make wiser decisions now for better actions in the future.


Release the melody stored in your bones.


Gaia encourages the Soul’s inner activity at this time of the year, if we care to hear her messages. Have you noticed the pinkish tinge of naked branches and tree trunks during the Winter? A certain gentleness and softness permeates the chilly months, if we allow ourselves to slow down and pay attention. It’s as if our human bones are reflected in the structure of the tree people. They graciously unclothe themselves every Winter for us to see the Life pulsating through their core. They become quiet to gather the juices deep in the soil, to fine-tune their song. Then they turn around to push the sap towards the Sun anew at the beginning of February, at the pagan festival of Imbolc, marking the Mid-Winter. And we’ll be able to enjoy the whispering of the leaves again in Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

Observing the bare branches, I’m reminded that we carry the song of Life in our bones, the insight I received through the eurythmy training. I cannot share movement with you on a page, but a poetic expression may give you a taste:

Melody in Your Bones


May we be filled with Light in these dark Winter days. May we overcome technological coldness, and connect through human warmth. May we have the courage to share our genuine song with each other.

An acquaintance of mine called the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration “a wonderfully inspired initiative”. Mhm, yes, it is an initiative, reminding us to create a community even when we are alone. I envision the image-and-verse sparks that I send out each Sunday as a gentle nudge to imagine yourself standing in your favorite circle, quietly listening and contemplating your chosen inspirational verse. It’s a heart-felt impulse to create a circle of bright human souls enveloping the Earth, our home. A simple practice with a potentially profound impact. How can we help the world if we feel isolated from each other? To effectively change any damaging patterns, we must first tend to our own inner hearth within the community of other warm human hearts.

Let’s embrace ourselves, humanity, Earth, with Love and Light.


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