My Heart Rejoices

Something shifts each year between the Winter Solstice and Christmas Day. A subtle inner glow lightens the burdens. Something pulls the reins to slow down the frantic horses. But we need to tune in…

The more I work with the Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul and my own Soulful Sparks of Inspiration, the more sensitive I become to superficial packaging of media during the holidays. New York City is ablaze with external decorations. But what do we find inside? More fancy boxes, labeled with big names to house over-priced items. “No poetry at all… no magic,” wrote one of my friends.

As I was riding the NYC subway just before the Christmas weekend, I noticed that I was less bothered by the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Hectic people with large shopping bags full of bought gifts. I looked at their faces: “I hope they’ll find the presents within their hearts, beyond the purchased goods, beyond the brand labels.”

No, I don’t do Christmas shopping, or very little of it. I actually avoid buying anything between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I only purchase what’s necessary. Instead, I try to connect with friends and family, almost all of whom live far away from where I am. A phone call to my mother and siblings in Slovenia, Europe. A talk over the phone with a close friend or two.

Giving gifts in itself is a beautiful human gesture, but it becomes distorted when stimulated by profit. How does it feel when you receive a mass-produced, store-bought-and-wrapped gift, no matter how professionally done? What about a present that is handmade, or at least personally wrapped by the giver? To me, the first one is, mhm, empty, regardless the value of the item inside. Yes, I’m grateful for the thought, but can’t help the impression that the stuff was given by the person’s money, and not by his or her heart.

When I receive a gift that’s at least wrapped by the giver, no matter how clumsily, my heart rejoices. Even if the item itself is store-bought and mass-produced, I sense more wholesome intention and involvement of the giver, thus making the present more personal and special.

After all, isn’t giving supposed to be an offering from my heart to yours? A soulful token of appreciation, friendship, love?


“May your Light shine bright and pure. May your heart be filled with joy.” ~ Soulful Wizardess


I used to make holiday cards from scratch to give or send to family, friends, acquaintances. My creative self enjoyed the process, imbuing each card with my energy. Why did I stop? Lack of time. We all get pulled into the non-stop lifestyle of the post-modern world. Each moment of our waking hours is stuffed to the brim with rushing and frenzy: “I need to do this. I need to check that out.” Economy- and marketing-driven overload of activities lead us away from the heart. The result? We buy gifts instead of creating them. Yes, there’re some beautiful handcrafted or wholesomely produced products on the market. Items made with love and mindful use of technology. They may be a little bit more expensive than the mass-produced heart-less stuff, but you’re supporting an artisan individual or a small collective with your purchase.

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a holiday greeting card yourself? Handwrite a wonderful poem on a nice piece of paper, knit a fun hat, bake a delicious muffin to give and share with friends and family. But most of all, allow time to engage with people in genuine heart-to-heart activities.

And don’t forget yourself. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day offers us time to slow down. It’s a gentle nudge from the Universe to journal, read inspiring words, nourish the Soul. No big planning, just a mindful review of the year past and cozy strokes towards creating your own true song. Imagine your dream in the soft peach blossom glow of your awakened heart.


. . .


Resist the lure of media this holiday season.
Slow down.
Give meaningful gifts.

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My Heart Rejoices

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