Spirit Light Within

Have you noticed how everything seems easier on a sunny day? The air fills the lungs effortlessly, obstacles are less threatening, burdens lighter. Yet, at the same time, the light makes dust visible. And other things that we may not want to see. A bright day often encourages me to wash the windows so that I can enjoy the Sun better. Especially now when days are getting shorter. The sunlight coming in on cold days is crisper. It streams in pure through bare branches. There are no more leaves to obstruct and soften its glow.

But then there are days when the clear sky and a bright bird song feel oppressive. I just want to pull the heavy curtains tight, and be in a dark, silent room. When the burdens are too heavy, it’s very difficult to stand upright: lying in bed is much more bearable. On those days, I’d rather close the blinds so that the dust bunnies, congregating in the corners and under the furniture, don’t scream at me: “Time to do some purging, my dear.”


When morning birds peck at my frazzled nerves,

their flutter stomps me deep into a silver cage.

When Sun on the clear blue sky above burns

my brain and I …, I beg, I scream in rage

for clouds to cover up this gorgeous day

to join, to comfort me in restless pain.

When empty, golden room beyond its bay,

beyond its limits, into mind extends,

and I know neither how nor where nor will

I escape, frozen, glued amidst a lie;

when mirror shows my eyes as sparkless, ill,

when smile becomes a frown, and laugh a cry—

then, oh, then, my dear Lover—take me:

Let’s merge with the Soul’s rainbow and glee.

~ Marta Stemberger

Sometimes we don’t want to look into our own Soul because we dread what we’ll find. If we have let our inner castle fall to ruins, the amount of work needed to make it habitable again feels overwhelming. We may think that building a large wall around the mess would be a better solution, a quick fix so that no light can penetrate to reveal the disarray. Out of sight, out of mind. What we forget will eventually disappear, right?


“Inspire with heartfelt words, and purge with gentle action.” ~ Soulful Wizardess


Yet, light finds its way back in anyway. Always. Warmth, light, water, and air, the basic life-sustaining ingredients enter even the most impenetrable places. Because…with time, cracks always appear. One day, out of the blue, we wake up with the urge to live, with a deep desire to shine. And we begin clearing the accumulated clutter of unbearable pain, forgotten loves, past lives. We sort through the stuff and discard what’s no longer useful. We carefully open the old wounds, gently clean the festering pus, and dress the laceration with healing bandages. We gather the torn pieces of our Soul and mindfully mend them back together with the thread of compassion.

It’s a slow process, and we must be patient with ourselves. Frequent nourishing pauses are a balsam for your Soul. Go out and breathe in some fresh air, talk with new people, indulge in a simple, yet luxurious bath. You’ll be recharged and inspired to return and continue tidying your rooms, making your Soul’s castle more comfortable and nurturing. And soon, you’ll be able to shine and inspire others. Because you’ll know what it takes to walk through the catharsis step by step and emerge in a new Light.


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Spirit Light Within

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