The Gift of Winter

I enjoy observing the dance of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the planets, and the stars. Each celestial body follows its own path, and thus co-creates the choreography of the Universe. The more we fine-tune our sensibilities, the keener our perceptions of their vibrations.

Everything is in the everlasting flow of energy. The continually changing movement is the only constant there is. We are in the midst of the many streams. The vibes around us affect us. At the same time, each one of us is also adding to the dance: by standing still, or by moving in a pattern. We may be shocked into immobility, pushed into particular direction, or we may decide to create and follow a design of our own. The choice is up to you, but you have to wake up.

The key at this point in human evolution is to shift from the passive to active mode of consciousness. Instead of blindly following the lead of gurus and traditional practices, we need to open the inner eyes and try to discern the Truth with our own inner Light.

The relations of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, and the Mercury this year offer us a wonderful opportunity to review what works and what is ready to change. While numerology interprets 2017 as Year 1 in the 9-year cycle, it feels more like a review of the spiritual traditions, which belongs to a number 9 year.

The festivities of Light this past holiday season were in Mercury retrograde (Dec 19 – Jan 8), and the Easter on Apr 16 falls in the middle of Mercury retrograde as well (Apr 9 – May 3); it ends just after Beltane or Mid-Spring. The Advent season, the preparation of the rebirth of Light in 2017, will also be in Mercury retrograde (Dec 3 – Dec 22, 2017).

The Chinese New Year, which follows the 12-year cycle, is in Phoenix, which corresponds to Virgo, the 9th constellation after the rebirth of the Sun on Winter Solstice. The Sun visits with Virgo, the Nurturer and Harvest Bearer, at the end of August (Aug 22) and most of September (Sep 22). September is the ninth month of the Gregorian year, inviting us to review what has happened so far. Yet, this Phoenix year is marked by fire, the rising of the new from the old.

The year 2017 marks a transition. It’s the year of mature actions, grounded in responsibility, consideration, diligence. The color is royal blue infused with fire, which contains red, orange, yellow, thus yielding a royal purple, and inviting transformation with heart-felt purpose, responsible action, thoughtful expansion.

What we planted in 2010 (the year of Tiger or Aquarius), and what blossomed in 2014 (the year of Horse or Gemini), will bear fruits in this year of Phoenix or Virgo. If we had prepared the Soul’s soil well enough by being grateful in 2008 (the year of Rat or Sagittarius).

What we plant in Aquarius, will flower in Gemini, the Transformer, and mature in Virgo, the Nurturer. Hopefully, we had prepared the Soul’s soil well enough by being grateful in Sagittarius, the Guardian.

For more about the wisdom of Aquarius and Red Phoenix, click here to listen to the Soulful Sparks Radio’s Episode 3.


Listen to your true song in the quiet of the Winter.


Although in the year of Phoenix/Virgo we are to reap the rewards, we still have to continue the work and be open to receive. Right now, in the month of Aquarius, it’s the time for soulful planting.

I beg you, don’t plant the seeds that are thrown at you from the outside by media of all sorts, no matter how enticing the promises. Please don’t keep repeating the ideas propagated by others. Observe with your own eyes. Think with your own brain. Research the so-called “facts”. But before you apply your mind and your activities to help the world, you need to step back and slow down. Breathe. Relax. Yes, even in the midst of a vicious battle. Find your own center; cultivate the peace within.

When challenging people enter your life, the situation only gets worse if you act in rage, if you throw insulting labels at them. Instead, approach such individuals as fellow human beings. With compassion. No, it’s not about bending to their will. It’s about trying to understand what storm rages inside of them. But you must be at peace within; you must act from your balanced inner center. Otherwise, your insecurities and confusion will add the fuel to the chaos.

When it’s dismal outside, enter your inner chambers for nourishment. Connect with your Highest Self for guidance. May Love and Light prevail. The Rudolf Steiner’s verse in the Calendar of the Soul for the 43rd week assures us that mature human souls can defy the coldness of the world with inner fire. You true song is awaiting in the soft glow of your soulful abode’s hearth. Listen with awareness. Learn your unique tune. Embody its vibes in mindful action.


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Contemplate this week’s image and verse:


The Gift of Winter

To read the Rudolf Steiner’s Verse 43 for this week, click here.


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