The Gift of Winter

Have you ever noticed the pinkish tinge of naked branches and tree trunks at this time of the year? A certain gentleness and softness permeates the chilly months, if only we allow ourselves to slow down and notice. It’s as if our human bones are reflected in the structure of the tree people. They graciously unclothe themselves every Winter for us to see the Life pulsating through their core. They’re quiet now, gathering the juices deep in the soil, fine-tuning their song. We’ll be able to enjoy the whispering of the leaves again in Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

Observing the bare branches, I’m reminded that we carry the song of Life in our bones, the insight I received through the eurythmy training. I cannot share movement with you on a page, but a poetic expression may give you a taste.


Know thyself.
From within your bare self out.
Release the melody
stored in your bones.
Song created me.
My purpose in life is
to excavate the score, to move its flow.


Share your tune.
What is it?
How does it merge with others?
The more vigorous the research,
the clearer the voice, the purer the Soul.


Can humanity create music
fit for the Harmonies of the Spheres,
or will we drown ourselves in technological noise?


®Soulful Wizardess Marta Stemberger


“Listen to your true song in the quiet of the Winter.” ~ Soulful Wizardess


I enjoy observing the dance of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the planets, and the stars. Each celestial body follows its own path, and thus co-creates the choreography of the Universe. The more we fine-tune our sensibilities, the keener our perceptions of their vibrations.

Everything is in the everlasting flow of energy. The continually changing movement is the only constant there is. We are in the midst of the many streams. The vibes around us affect us. At the same time, each one of us is also adding to the dance: by standing still, or by moving in a pattern. We may be shocked into immobility, pushed into particular direction, or we may decide to create and follow a design of our own. The choice is up to you, but you have to wake up.

The key at this point in human evolution is to shift from the passive to active mode of consciousness. Instead of blindly following the lead of gurus and traditional practices, we need to open the inner eyes and try to discern the Truth with our own inner Light.

When it’s dismal outside, enter your inner chambers for nourishment. Connect with your Highest Self for guidance. May Love and Light prevail. The Rudolf Steiner’s verse in the Calendar of the Soul for the 43rd week assures us that mature human souls can defy the coldness of the world with inner fire. You true song is awaiting in the soft glow of your soulful abode’s hearth. Listen with awareness. Learn your unique tune. Embody its vibes in mindful action.

An acquaintance of mine called the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration “a wonderfully inspired initiative”. Mhm, yes, it is an initiative, reminding us to create a community even when we are alone. I envision the image-and-verse sparks that I send out each Sunday as a gentle nudge to imagine yourself standing in your favorite circle, quietly listening and contemplating your chosen inspirational verse. It’s a heart-felt impulse to create a circle of bright human souls enveloping the Earth, our home. A simple practice with a potentially profound impact. How can we help the world if we feel isolated from each other? To effectively change any damaging patterns, we must first tend to our own inner hearth within the community of other warm human hearts.

May we be filled with Light in these dark Winter days. May we overcome technological coldness, and connect through human warmth. May we have the courage to share our genuine song with each other.


. . .


As the days and weeks and months and seasons progress, we all need ongoing gentle nudges and kind words to keep our inner flame alive. The electronic edition of the Soulful Sparks weekly Calendar provides such nourishment. The weekly verses and images invite us to tune in with our individual Soul to contemplate where we are, and draw inspiration and encouragement to continue on the path of personal development. The weekly calendar pages offer information about the stars and the planets, reminding us to move in harmony with the Cosmos.

The year ahead forms a soft outline of a path, covered with virgin snow on a bright winter day. It’s up to us to embellish this gift from the Universe with our actions, streaming from our own free will. And let’s not forget that we are continually supported by spiritual beings of Light, Love, Life.

Sparkle your Soul’s annual journey through the seasons with Soulful Sparks of Inspiration. Place the weekly verse and image and calendar pages, available in high resolution PDF and JPG files, on your desktop, laptop, mobile devices, to sparkle at you where and when you need the soulful touch the most: in the land of daily weaving of life and work, amidst the constant balancing of social obligations and personal quality time.


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Soulful Sparks weekly eCalendar


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Contemplate this week’s image and verse:


The Gift of Winter

To read the Rudolf Steiner’s Verse 43 for this week, click here.


Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:




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We use electronic devices all the time. Inject some good spiritual vibes of Light, Love, Life into your daily routine. Allow the Soulful Sparks eCalendar 2018 to nourish and inspire you. Beautifully designed verse and image weekly pages are ready for you to download and enjoy now.


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