The Heart Matters

Look at the image for this week’s soulful sparks below. What do you see? The photo was taken by my sister Nataša Stubler in Slovenia, Europe, several years back.


“Nurture your Soul, live through your Heart.” ~ Soulful Wizardess


“I remember there were pleasant afternoons then,” says Nataša. “When everything is magical and all fits together, when you feel love and you’re in love, loving everything around you… We went for a walk into nature, to catch the autumn sun rays, just before the sunset. And I saw it on the way back home: The heart created out of leaves, lit by the sun, amazing… How the nature offers the symbols of Love, or we find, see them on our own when we love life, ourselves, children, our partner, parents, brothers, sisters, friends.” Yes, it’s wonderful what we find in nature if we open our eyes and hearts.

Do you know that “there are more nerve fibers going from the heart to the brain than the other way around”? Are you aware that the heart beats on its own, without any direction from the brain? “The brain is actually regulated by the heart,” summarizes Dr. Carla Hannaford in her book Smart Moves. This is not some wishful new age mantra. No, it’s proven by neurological research.

There’s the physical heart, an amazing creation on its own. Then there’s the energy field, which emanates from the heart with electro-magnetic waves, reaching 8-16 feet from the physical body. We are literally within each other’s hearts. We also infuse matter around us with our heart vibrations. And these are just plain physical manifestations, revealed by the mainstream science.

Spiritual traditions around the world have always emphasized the importance of living from the heart. The heart’s measurable energy field is laced through and enveloped by even subtler substance. The current technology may not yet be advanced enough to create sufficiently refined instruments to detect the spiritual wavelengths, but we can sense the heart’s aura with our fine-tuned sensibilities.

We tend to associate green with sustainable forests, essential for the vibrant life on our Emerald Planet. Likewise, the heart, healthy on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, is a prerequisite for each one of us to thrive on Earth, and glow in the fullest human capacity. The spiritual research into color by the Aura-Soma founder Vicky Wall reveals an inspiring subtle anatomy image. The heart chakra radiates in green tones, echoing with pink and turquoise as it breathes out and up. Turquoise of the heart is experienced outwardly through the turquoise of the throat when we speak the Truth in kindness. The heart’s pink hue links us directly with the magenta of our highest chakra, called Soul Star by the Aura-Soma practitioners. I like to refer to this shimmering opening above our head as the entrance into our Highest Self. It’s the Portal to our individual column of Light.


Aura-Soma Subtle Anatomy

In eurythmy, the art of harmonious movement, introduced by Rudolf Steiner in 1912, green is the color of balance between blue of our inward activity and yellow of the Soul’s outward expression. The green gesture is moved at the level of the heart. Venus, the goddess of Love and abundance, is clad in green, with a movement that brings the wisdom from the depths with the left arm and offers it through the heart with the right arm.

During the earthly existence, our Soul lives in the etheric field surrounding the human physical heart. If we nurture the Soul, we can enhance the heart’s energy with deeper spiritual vibrations. Therein lays our free choice: Do we nourish our Spiritual Seed to blossom in Light, Love, Life? Or do we kill the Soul and the Heart with harmful practices and toxic habits?

It’s time, my dear friends, to choose to nurture ourselves and each other with respect, appreciation, and Love. Let’s open our hearts to see the Truth. Let’s resurrect humanity now, one compassionate thought, word, act at the time.


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The Heart Matters

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