The Spirit seed within my heart—like a flickering candle light—is always humble, but powerful. True strength, true power is gentle, and immensely beautiful in its modesty. It’s not about some trick or technology, forcing seeds to ripen quickly and prematurely to gather profits. No. It’s about slow, steady journey, savoring each step, contemplating each experience. It’s about growing strong, yet, flexible roots deep into the rich soil of our inner world. Outer appearances disappear; masks fall away, shattered into thousand pieces.

The organic process of growth is fascinating, unpredictable, refreshing in its continuous originality. You and I digest the gifts from the Spirit differently. We nurture the seed of Light within us in unique ways. Oh, the beauty of human diversity. Yet, at the same time, we are all of the same Light.


“Let’s transform the seeds of Light into the deeds of Love to co-create Life.”


While time in solitude to explore the heights of the Soul and the depths of the Spirit is required for our inner development, we are never alone. We are always “all one” with our Highest Self in our own brilliant column of Light. We feel abandoned only when we are “on loan” to the lower vibrations of greed for earthly power and money. We suffer loneliness when we loose the sense of awe for nature, when we forget to be joyful and curious about Life.

Beware of the cosmic dark hole, the vortex, devoid of Life where our seeds of Light can shrivel up and die. We all venture into this void at times, but we need to return to Light, Love, Life through compassion and forgiveness towards others, as well as towards ourselves.


The Sun burst.
A million golden splinters
fell upon the Earth.
Then night came.
Now men are beating each other
for a spark of Light.
But I have hidden
in my heart
a splinter of the Sun—
therefore, I am not cold.

(This profound poem is from an unknown Russian author.
If you happen to know who wrote or translated it, let me know in the comments below. Thank you.)

Please remember that we all have a spark of Cosmic Light within. Each one of us. There’s no need to steel it from another, to kill in order to have. Don’t fight for shining objects. Stop yearning for that heap of “gold” in your neighbor’s yard. Appreciate the abundance in your own home. Discover the riches within you.

Know thyself. Love yourself. Nurture your uniqueness to blossom. Share your gifts with fellow human beings. Expand your vibrations to create communities. Weave a web of compassion around the globe.


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