Tuning into Intuition


When nature showers us with its fresh display of will and beauty—joie-de-vivre—we’re inspired with desires to accomplish a lot in a short period. Yet, we tend to forget that rest is important, too, otherwise, we deplete the resources and cannot bring our dreams to life.

I admit that I become impatient, especially in the Spring. Why does it take so long for the trees to grow their green leaves? Some are quicker than others. Some crochet their summer attire steadily, some advance in spurts. I know that soon I won’t be able to see the windows of the houses across the backyard. Nature takes its time. I just need to trust and relax, and marvel at the process.

And so it is with our own projects. We may have a clear vision of the goal; we may have developed a list of tasks to follow to reach it. But… it takes time. Would you like your dream to manifest sooner? Then slow down and relax. Yes, you read it right: slow down and relax. Hectic pace forms impenetrable walls, locks the doors, shuts the windows against the assistance of the Spirit. Worries and anxieties push us into self-imposed prison of limited and unpleasant outcomes. Old adage warns: “Beware what you wish for, least it come true.” If you’re afraid that something bad might happen, you may be inviting in what you don’t want. When we suffer the self-fulfilling prophecy of misery, we feel sorry for ourselves or blame others. We get depressed or angry. We can be lost in emotional struggles, or begin to fantasize about the unattainable luxuries. Either way, we fall prey to our lower senses.

If you notice you’re getting pulled down into such a chaotic spiral, pause. When there’s too much to do, do nothing. Stop, take a step back, and reflect on what is.

Harder work or cleverer ideas don’t necessarily yield sustainable results. You can burn out or dry empty. Lasting satisfaction arises from being in tune with your mission in life. Lots of money, which is earned through activities that are abusive of self and others, will only lead to odd inner discomfort. Lots of limelight, which is attracted through the lure of narcissism, will only generate painful darkness within you.

Slow down and relax. Reflect, review, reassess. That’s why the Moon wanes and waxes every four weeks. That’s why the planets go retrograde every now and then. What is truly important? What is superfluous? Reconnect with your Highest Self. Let the Light dissolve the shadows. Ground your roots deep into the Gaia; raise your wings high into the Heavens. Allow the Cosmic nourishment flow through you from the Earth to the Sky, from the Sky to the Earth. Go deeper to shine brighter; fly higher to stand stronger. Knit a resilient core within you. Then weave a blanket of Love to spread throughout the global community.

“One step at the time”, is a wise advice. It’s good to remind ourselves that steady progress will lead to the destination. Simplicity and patience. Perseverance. Enough peace and quiet to feel our true feelings, to hear our pure thinking. Much can be achieved when we’re balanced and aligned with our life’s purpose. Let’s not be enticed by immediate gratification of shiny objects that prove worthless and useless very fast.



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Tuning into Intuition

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