Warmth of My Heart

January tends to be a difficult month in the temperate zones of the Northern hemisphere. The décor for the end-of-year festivities is gone. The Earth has withdrawn into itself, preparing for the Spring. The days are getting longer but the Sky is still far away. We look around and it’s dark and cold and dismal. Bewildered, we begin stumbling back to the warm chambers of the heart. Hopefully, we can still find the way in.

The negative effects of media, hectic lifestyle, spiritless use of technology are so devastating. And our Soul suffers. Remember the movie The Golden Compass? The message is very clear. The authority in the film is trying to perfect the incision process, by which the children’s “daemons” are cut off. Separated from the inner voice of caution and wisdom, these children would grow up into adults without a sense of tolerance and curiosity. Lacking the free will, they would become puppets in the hands of the power-thirsty Magisterium. The individual’s daemon in the parallel universe of the Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights (part of His Dark Materials trilogy), on which The Golden Compass is based, is equivalent to the Soul forces in our world. And the Magisterium could easily be interpreted as heartless establishments of all sorts.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only Light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only Love can do that.”


~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Hate of any persuasion leaves us empty. We’ve seen this played out throughout histories again and again. Even the proponents of love are attacked and killed. Yet, the only solution for anything is Love. Compassion for the fellow human beings, regardless of what they do. It’s not easy to always see the other for who they are: another person with their own struggles, trying to navigate their unique path through life. Perhaps you don’t like what you see in others. Perhaps you are not happy with who you are.


Overcome thy fears with the warmth of thy heart.” ~ Soulful Wizardess


Breathe, relax, slow down. Connect with your Highest Self. Allow pure Light flow through your column of Light, purifying the shadows. Wake up. Step away from the screen of distorted information. Look at the world around you and at yourself in fresh Light. Allow your Soul to guide you. Its innate strength will lead you to practices that will nourish you on all levels. And don’t beat yourself up because you’ve strayed; hug yourself with compassion instead. Gently nurture the subtler senses: you’ll be surprised how quickly they begin to sparkle anew in the warmth of the heart.

The flickering glow of your inner hearth will draw in new and old shadows as well. The fears that you’ve pushed away, unresolved, will approach you again. Don’t fret; you’re ready. Put another log of Love on your fire within, gather the fears, and burn them. Treat them with respect though. Take a nice piece of stationary and jot down all that scares you. Recognize and appreciate the gift that each scary notion has given you, and be afraid no more. Let the flames turn fears into dust. Let new positive thoughts arise. Write them down. Fold the pretty paper with your encouraging words, and store them in a sacred place—a beautiful box, jar, vase, envelope—to remind you of your brighter and more Soul-embracing path. Treat this special container with tender care for it’s filled with a magic potion of Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition, with the healing vibrations of Light, Love, Life.


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As the days and weeks and months and seasons progress, we all need ongoing gentle nudges and kind words to keep our inner flame alive. The electronic edition of the Soulful Sparks weekly Calendar provides such nourishment. The weekly verses and images invite us to tune in with our individual Soul to contemplate where we are, and draw inspiration and encouragement to continue on the path of personal development. The weekly calendar pages offer information about the stars and the planets, reminding us to move in harmony with the Cosmos.

The year ahead forms a soft outline of a path, covered with virgin snow on a bright winter day. It’s up to us to embellish this gift from the Universe with our actions, streaming from our own free will. And let’s not forget that we are continually supported by spiritual beings of Light, Love, Life.

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Soulful Sparks weekly eCalendar


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Contemplate this week’s image and verse:


Warmth of My Heart

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