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 Marta Stemberger (Brooklyn, New York)


Who are you? Do you have the sense that there’s more to life, more to who you are, but just can’t get to the bottom of it? There’s always another how, another why, another »yes, but«.

Yeah, I hear you I’m like that too. I want to know how, I want to understand why, I want to experience life fully. I want to understand why I live. I want to make sense of spiritual experiences I’ve had since I was two years old. I strongly believe that all our experiences, tangible and intangible, can be explained. We just need to expand our horizons, fine tune our instruments of perceiving, feeling, thinking to include the finer spiritual vibrations.

I’ve been exploring life through travel, movement, spiritual practices, writing, study, reading. I’m highly spiritually sensitive with a very sharp mind. I’m a great integrator: I love to create mosaics. How do this and that reading fit together? What about this experience or that scientific finding? How does a particular practice resonate with me? How to integrate a new study, information into my patchwork cosmology? Do I need to change what I believe, or are these new ideas out of tune?

Soulful Sparks of Inspiration are the result of my daily practice. A different way to look at something familiar helps you finally access the content you’ve been trying to decipher for a longtime. I offer my take to help you digest it by yourself, and then develop your own creation. Or perhaps you had a similar thought or experience, but you pushed it away because it was different, too out there, or you didn’t quite trust it. And now all of a sudden it makes sense because I express it in a simpler way, or my writing, image, timing triggers an association that makes things fit into your patchwork of worldview.

You are not alone. Many have had and have similar questions, thoughts, insights, experiences. You’ve came to the right place where you can merge your vigorous thinking capacities with spiritual experiences and insights, where we do our inner work to nurture our souls and to be one with our highest self while living our lives in a practical and grounded way, in peaceful and respectful co-existence with each other, honoring the uniqueness of each one of us.

The seeker in you is yearning for more meaningful connections. Yes, you maybe an introvert, but you love a good, meaningful discussion on a deeper meaning of life with like minded people.

Where is your tribe? A tribe of those who seek to understand the spiritual worlds, yet at the same time live in this physical realm and help humanity evolve consciously to the next level, to its highest potential.

No, I’m not whishy washy. I’m a kin observer, fast and sharp independent thinker, very intuitive, open with good, healthy imagination. Very sensitive and empathic. Rich with inner life. Loving and caring. I’ve been nurturing a strong connection with nature and higher spiritual worlds since childhood.



 Poet, writer, translator, entrepreneur, designer. 


Marta Stemberger, 1993, Photo by Nataša Stubler


Dancer, choreographer.
Eurythmist, a harmonious movement wizardess.


Marta Stemberger is the SOULFUL WIZARDESS behind the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration; she writes all the poetry and prose, designs all the visual aspects of the sparks. Marta has been drawn to ponder deeper meanings of existence her whole life, while also exploring artistic expression in movement and language, as well as engaging in academic studies. Her inquires led her from her native Slovenia to Paris and New York.

Marta was trained in eurythmy at Eurythmy Spring Valley in Chestnut Ridge, New York, and in modern dance at the Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham schools in New York City. Visit her eurythmy website at

She earned her BA in Liberal Arts and MA in Liberal Studies, both at The New School, with a focus on women studies through the lens of history and sociology. She’s also offering language services for South Slavic languages through her company Arinna, Inc.

She’s open to all spiritual traditions and has explored several of them, but likes to focus on Western esoteric wisdom. Hence, her interest in Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul, which inspires her Soulful Sparks of Inspiration.

»While I’m open to all spiritual traditions, I like to focus on Western esoteric traditions. Because I was born and raised in Europe (Slovenia), and because the Western esoteric traditions need to be redeemed. We need to be reminded that the European spiritual well is as good as others, even though European mainstream shove the esoteric practices to the underground existence, as egoistic individuality and greed took the main stage, especially after the Renaissance.«


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