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by Soulful Sparks Readers


 “Soulful Sparks bring a much needed ray of light into my life on a regular basis. Well crafted, thought provoking and mesmerizingly beautiful, they are one of life’s addictive little pleasures, even better for you than dark chocolate…”

Olivera Baumgartner, Translator and Interpreter, Janesville, WI, Olivera at

“I always look forward to the weekly email; it sure makes my morning to read the soulful sparks.”

Astrid von Ussar, Dance Teacher, Brooklyn, NY,

”I really enjoy your sparks every week; they lift my heart! These verses are what we need in the time we live in, to overcome the darkness. They’re also a helpful inspiration. I bring the picture in my soul to my work with the children and artistic eurythmy projects. Thank you so much for your kind words that give strength, and the thoughts that are just to the point.”

Marjorie Taliano Nordaas, Eurythmist, Oslo, Norway,

“Thank you so much for your weekly gift. As I engage with the Calendar of the Soul myself, I find your translations, pictures, colors, and messages enlivening and encouraging.”

Jenny Holub, Videographer, New York, NY

“So lovely! I always enjoy your posts. They are so inspirational and beautiful. Thank you!”

GolNaran, Artist,

“Soulful Sparks of Inspiration are food for my soul and inner peace. When read in the morning, it’s like Prozac without adverse side effects.”

Margerita Potocco-Drakulic, Translator, Ottawa, Canada

“Thank you for the sparks. I read them when I can, finding encouragement from the images and thoughts expressed. The photos are lovely, too!”

Eurythmist, California

“This week’s reflections are quite poignant and applicable to world events. And I find your words here very genuine. This is a clear part of your work in the world, the health, and well being of the heart. Thank you, dear!”

Eurythmist, California

“Just what I needed to read on this rainy fall morning when dark thoughts and feelings are threatening to take over, covering the inner light. Thanks and have a beautiful day and autumn full of golden sun rays, colorful leaves, chimney fires, and warmth.”

Dini Martinez, Yoga Teacher and Doula, Sydney, Australia,

“Soulful sparks are beautiful and they are totally you.”

Healthcare practitioner, Monsey, NY

“Simply beautiful.”

Murielle Marie, Life and Business Coach, Sofia, Bulgaria,

“What a beautiful, beautiful poem. Yes, love is always the answer.”

Nadia Shana Krauss, Sacred Self Care Muse, Albany, GA,

“Thank you for this lovely, integrated post.”

Denise Derrico, author of A Maze in Grace, San Francisco Bay Area, CA,

“It is nice to have these breezes of inspiration now and then.”

Clio Venho, Drama Teacher, New York, NY

“Many thanks for the wonderful pictures and poems!”

Yelena Kuzmenko, Pianist, Chestnut Ridge, NY

“Thank you for your commitment to this work. I find it very inspiring.”

Shannon Boyce, Werbeck Singing Teacher, Chestnut Ridge, NY

A gentle and FREE guide for your soulful journey awaits you...



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