How do you get in touch with your Soul, the spiritual seed in you?

You’re more than your physical appearance and belongings. You’re more than your titles and station in society. You’re more than your beliefs and habits.

You may know what you aren’t. But how do you find out who you truly are? Perhaps what’s needed isn’t just to demolish the old structures, but also clear the lingering dust, debris, dross. Only then you can find the true Source, and notice that the Light within is part of the greater Cosmic Light. You can discern that in the Cosmic Light there’s your own unique column of Light, connecting your Soul to your Highest Self.

How do you get in touch with your Soul? How do you nourish this spiritual seed in your human heart?

The soul of the Earth is expressed through the seasons of nature. As modern humans, we tend to ignore the seasons; we adjust the climate of our surroundings with heaters and air conditioners. But what if we tune in at a higher, deeper level, and connect with the Earth’s seasons to find our own unique flow in life?

I encourage you to take time for weekly, nay, daily contemplation to commune with your Soul. Create a quiet space where you can tune into the insights of the Spirit stored in your beingness.

Human souls breathe with the Earth’s Soul, and awaken when touched by its expressions in the seasons of nature. We’re bathed in the sunshine during the day; we’re caressed by the Moon, planets, and stars at night. We feel the monthly lunar cycle in the flow of our bodily fluids, women and men alike. The Sun’s celestial energy colors the Earth as the Sun passes through the constellations on its journey through the four key positions in the dance between the Sun and the Earth: Winter and Summer solstices, Vernal and Autumnal equinoxes.

Oh, how many of the celestial dances have we, the modern humans, forgotten! The »advanced« hum of technology pushed these magickal experiences into the shadows. We stay up late at nights, not to watch the stars, but to stare at the television and computer screens. We can’t even see much of the planets and stars in the big cities anyway. We’re sealed in office and residential buildings with artificial lights and climates: heat lodges in the Winter, ice cubicles in the Summer. And most of the time, we can’t even open the windows: »For your own safety«, we are advised.

Solstice, equinox? You mean those funny stone structures in England? Haven’t we delegated these strange practices to religion so that we can have more free days on Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and other holidays? Yet, the Manhattanhenge, or Manhattan Solstice, is becoming a new urban festival when the incessant traffic stops twice a year at sunset, and people stand in the middle of the Big Apple’s cross streets to capture the setting Sun on their electronic devices.

The more the über technological society tries to structure our lives into rigid boxes, the more we yearn for organic flow of nature. Hopefully, there’ll be some left when we finally wake up en masse. And we’re waking up! We, a human race in the curious experiment of merging divine and animal capacities.

Step out of the vicious circle to embrace your humanity, and nurture your highest potential. Tune into the breathing cycles of the Earth to find your own unique flow in life.




SOULFUL SPARKS OF INSPIRATION is a three-part weekly blog – inspired verse, original photo, soulful ruminations – published every Sunday to inspire you to commune with your Soul. Contemplate the messages to find your own unique, harmonious flow in life. Be in touch with the seasons of your Soul, with nature, the Sun. Be in tune with your Highest Self.




Every weekend, I take time to contemplate on the current Rudolf Steiner’s verse from his Calendar of the Soul, and digest it through my own life experiences and different spiritual practices. I add my sister’s original photo, and wrap my inspired verse and her image with the colors, informed by the insights from the harmonious movement art of eurythmy. Voilà, the weekly Soulful Sparks on Inspiration are born.

  • Every Sunday, the weekly sparks – the inspired verse and my sister’s photo, introduced by my ruminations on the theme of the week – are sent subscribers by email, and published here on the website.
  • You are invited to contemplate on these three parts of the sparks, as a whole and individually.
  • Observe what insights well up. Sometimes it’s exciting, and you may be eager to share with others. At other times, you may feel vulnerable and want to linger in your solitude. Journal your impressions.
  • Share your thoughts with like-minded souls, if and when it feels right.
  • Join the soulful conversation in the Soulful Sparks Lounge, a closed Facebook group.

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Initial Inspiration for Soulful Sparks

During my training at Eurythmy Spring Valley, the whole school always gathered in a circle during the first morning session of the week. We started by reading a verse from the Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul.

As I returned back home to Brooklyn after my graduation, I missed this lovely community practice, and began cultivating morning meditation on my own. But it is not the same without a group of like-minded souls.

How can we create at least a glimpse of a community even when we are not present in the same space? Nothing, of course, compares to the actual breathing presence of a group of people. Perhaps some soul-felt community may form if I share an image and few words, inspired by Steiner’s verse of the week, with friends and acquaintances online, a group of like-minded individuals.

I asked my sister Nataša Stubler, who lives in Slovenia, to read the verse for each week, and choose a photo from her wonderful collection that would capture a feeling of the verse as she interprets it. And I would write a few words as they emerge when I read Steiner’s verse of the week.

The posted image and words are our own unique interpretation at this moment of our lives. Next year, different image and words may appear.



You’re such an amazing person.

But have the daily hassles dulled your sparkles?

Re-ignite your inner fire.

Awaken the layers of your Soul season by season.

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