Slow Down to Feel Alive

  How can we connect heart-to-heart if we are so hectic that there’s no pause to cross the street from me to you? Fast pace locks us in the cubicle-like environment where everything is a heavy shade of grey. I don’t have patience to listen, I don’t have time to look, I don’t have energy to speak. To hear relaxing raindrops, to see the playfulness of sunrays? How? Break free of the busy...
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Let Go to Be Free

  In this world of fragmentation and disconnection, many are suffering the ugly duckling syndrome. We are trying hard to make sense of who we are. Where do I fit in? Who can see me for who I truly am? What is the origin of my unique human experience? We are often washed up on distant spiritual shores, and abandoned on precarious emotional cliffs, alone. What happened to the ugly duckling’s...
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Embraced by the Spirit, or About Peonies and Ants

  Sometimes, all we need is a gentle nudge, a kind word to keep the flame alive. Or an encouraging smile. To open up. Even an irritating presence would do the trick. As I was thinking how to expand beyond the limits we impose on ourselves, I learnt about the peonies and ants. Before a peony unfurls its colorful petals, ants are attracted to the flower’s sweet nectar. There are those who...
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Explore in Joy

  Speaking in tongues is about understanding each other. Yes, it’s good to know more than one language, but it’s equally important to be able to comprehend the other person’s point of view. Bilingual and multilingual individuals have stood at the crossroads of cultures for millennia. The practice of conveying a message from one language to anther has now become a huge for-profit industry....
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Tuning into Intuition

  When nature showers us with its fresh display of will and beauty—joie-de-vivre—we’re inspired with desires to accomplish a lot in a short period. Yet, we tend to forget that rest is important, too, otherwise, we deplete the resources and cannot bring our dreams to life. I admit that I become impatient, especially in the Spring. Why does it take so long for the trees to grow their green...
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Beyond Our Narrow Limits

  Let’s celebrate Life: old and new. The decayed compost nourishes fresh offspring. Aged wisdom and young blood commune in heart-felt exchange. Steady warmth and flames of inspiration encourage us to create in mindful cooperation.     Hug a tree, embrace a friend, revel in the beauty of Nature, immerse yourself in dance to the sounds of human speech and live acoustic music. Allow...
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Joy, Creative Urge

  Spring is fully here. Joy and excitement are in the air. Bright days have pushed the winter darkness away. Fresh energy, full of promise, encourages us to give birth to our dreams. Let’s embrace the fun adventures ahead. Yes, but… limitations of daily existence in the physical world might be discouraging. The constant noise, at times so loud that one cannot even hear the thoughts. How do...
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In Bright Embrace

  One step at the time. Visions are strong, Light is bright, but the cold still sends shivers down the spine. Birthing the new requires time, and patience, and strength. Rest and cuddle. Go about it playfully. The roots of your dream provide you with the main sustenance: the riches of the composted past. And trust that the Sun will gain more power, that its rays will reach the Earth, not...
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