Autumn Enriches

  I’ve come to view October as an indicator of what the upcoming year will bring. It’s about numerology: Add the digits of a number until you get only one digit, and then contemplate on its meaning. The months of January through September all already have only one digit. But October has two, 1 and 0, which add up to 1, same as January. I regard September as a good month to review what has...
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Going Deeper

  As autumn winds bring in colder weather, I long for summer’s light and warmth. Yet, as I look deeper, I realize that the brightness I seek is within me. No matter what time of the year or where I am, I can create a comfortable space for my Soul to thrive, nay, flourish. Yes, but, what do I actually need to do? You’ve probably noticed how each environment has its own peculiar vibe that...
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Dispel Your Fears

  I’m intrigued that Rudolf Steiner used the word “maternal” (mütterliches) in the verse marking the festival of Archangel Michael. This is the only time he uses this expression in his entire Calendar of the Soul. Why? He never wrote anything by accident, especially not in his verses. At Michaelmas, the Feast of Archangel Michael, celebrated on September 29, we’re encouraged to...
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Beacon of Love

  A Zen proverb advises: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Jack Kornfield chimes in: “Before ecstasy, do laundry. After ecstasy, do laundry.” Perhaps you’ve had a wonderful experience of oneness with the spiritual world. Most of us have had a moment of enlightenment. But that’s not enough. We need to maintain the flame alive moment...
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  The life on Earth is a constant dance between light and darkness, a perfect balance of in-breath and out-breath. We cannot hold our breath in for too long, nor can we keep pushing the air out all the time. Sometimes, the Sun shines bright for hours, and we forget that the night will come, that clouds will cover the blue sky. Yet, we need the rain to sustain life. At other times, a long,...
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  I always feel a perceptible shift in me at the beginning of September, regardless of my inner mood and outer circumstances. Perhaps this sensibility developed through my schooling. In Slovenia, where I grew up, the grade and high schools started on the first day of September. Yes, I enjoyed the summer vacation, but was looking forward to embark on the ship of new learning adventures in...
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  The Spirit seed within my heart—like a flickering candle light—is always humble, but powerful. True strength, true power is gentle, and immensely beautiful in its modesty. It’s not about some trick or technology, forcing seeds to ripen quickly and prematurely to gather profits. No. It’s about slow, steady journey, savoring each step, contemplating each experience. It’s about growing...
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  The heat of Summer eases our expansion into the high Spirit realms. The cold of Winter invites us to explore the inner fires of the Soul. And then it’s time to take action: Bringing Spirit impressions into the earthly life through thoughts that lead to deeds in Autumn; sharing Soul insights with the external world through heart-felt determination in Spring. In Autumn, we gather the...
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