Beyond Our Narrow Limits

  Let’s celebrate Life: old and new. The decayed compost nourishes fresh offspring. Aged wisdom and young blood commune in heart-felt exchange. Steady warmth and flames of inspiration encourage us to create in mindful cooperation.     Hug a tree, embrace a friend, revel in the beauty of Nature, immerse yourself in dance to the sounds of human speech and live acoustic music. Allow...
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Joy, Creative Urge

  Spring is fully here. Joy and excitement are in the air. Bright days have pushed the winter darkness away. Fresh energy, full of promise, encourages us to give birth to our dreams. Let’s embrace the fun adventures ahead. Yes, but… limitations of daily existence in the physical world might be discouraging. The constant noise, at times so loud that one cannot even hear the thoughts. How do...
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In Bright Embrace

  One step at the time. Visions are strong, Light is bright, but the cold still sends shivers down the spine. Birthing the new requires time, and patience, and strength. Rest and cuddle. Go about it playfully. The roots of your dream provide you with the main sustenance: the riches of the composted past. And trust that the Sun will gain more power, that its rays will reach the Earth, not...
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Be Free of Shadows

  When I opened the Soulful Sparks Calendar on the page for this week, I was pleasantly surprised. Be free of shadows, says the title. And the image is a gentle play of light and shadows, of fresh spring blossoms and old wooden house in the countryside of Slovenia, Europe. Someone took care to paint the window frames sky blue and put on soft white curtains. I can imagine a cozy room inside,...
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Blossoms in the Soul

Birds are happy, chirping away in the backyard, even in Brooklyn, NYC: “It’s springtime. Let’s have fun.” Play is important. But why do I feel reluctant to engage in this essential human activity? Merriam Webster’s definition of the verb to play reads: “To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation, rather than a serious or practical purpose.” I understand play as a carefree mélange of...
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In the Spirit’s Flow

Everything has its reason. We just have to look for it. The answer may be clear cut and simple, or a bit vague and complex. Here’s my question: Why is Easter on the first Sunday after the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere? Spring and autumn complement each other: they exist at the same time in the Earth’s North and South, enriching the planet. What if jumping...
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Souls Enrich the Spirit

We deserve love and comfort on every level. All of us. This is the most important thing to know, and believe, and embrace. Nobody and nothing ever deserves pain and suffering, of any kind. The experience of pain exists only to alert us that we’ve veered off the smooth path. Suffering is a consequence of our belief, mostly subconscious, that we deserve pain. It’s a powerful illusion of the...
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Perceive, Reflect, Renew

I don’t understand human life. Do you? Does anyone? We are searching… in the dark, groping for straws to hold onto. But then again, perhaps I do comprehend what’s going on… Science has uncovered many laws in Nature. We know that the Sun will rise each morning, and set each evening. We know that a seed needs to get proper nutrients to grow into a tree. We know that a baby will be born in...
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