Fresh Stirrings

When people were fully dependent on the produce from the Earth, the last weeks of Winter could have been harsh. The diversity and quantity of food resources were dwindling down. “Can we make it until the fresh edible Spring fruits are ripe for gathering?” Observing plants and animals and the Sun gave hope. And inspired eagerness to escort the old Winter away, while enticing the shy Spring to...
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Endure and Thrive

Where does anything begin? Nothing starts from nothing. A tiny green sprout we notice poking through the ground didn’t just appear out of the blue. There was a seed, nutrients in the soil, rain showering moisture, the sun shining warmth. There’s always something else before the manifestation that we can observe with our five senses. May this week be the beginning that precedes the beginning....
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Gentle Openings

The snails are always at home, no matter where they go, traveling ever so slowly, leaving a moist trail behind. No need to hurry; they can slid into the safety of their cozy house at any time. It’s not a square box, made of artificial materials, but an organic abode, constructed according to the regenerative principles of a spiral. From the smallest to the biggest, from the largest to the...
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Think, Imagine, Create

Mhm, it’s nice to cozy up in a reclining chair with a mug of warm coffee in the hands, taking in the soft light of the Winter Sun, and even looking at snowflakes falling from the sky. Snow has an interesting effect. At night, even if overcast, everything appears brighter. And during the day, the white embrace turns our attention inwards, illuminating and warming the inner space. When we’re...
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The Gift of Winter

Have you ever noticed the pinkish tinge of naked branches and tree trunks at this time of the year? A certain gentleness and softness permeates the chilly months, if only we allow ourselves to slow down and notice. It’s as if our human bones are reflected in the structure of the tree people. They graciously unclothe themselves every Winter for us to see the Life pulsating through their core....
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Warmth of My Heart

January tends to be a difficult month in the temperate zones of the Northern hemisphere. The décor for the end-of-year festivities is gone. The Earth has withdrawn into itself, preparing for the Spring. The days are getting longer but the Sky is still far away. We look around and it’s dark and cold and dismal. Bewildered, we begin stumbling back to the warm chambers of the heart. Hopefully, we...
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Wisdom of the Heart

We have probably all experienced that most New Year resolutions fail fairly quickly. But why? As I see it, there is one crucial reason: wrong timing. The date January 1st is an artificial construct, with no correlation to the movement of the stars, the planets, or the changes of the seasons. Thus setting our goals at the beginning of the year is as good or bad as making a to-do list on any other...
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My Heart Radiates Love

The twelve Holy Nights from Christmas (December 25) to Epiphany (January 6) form a bridge between the old year and the new one. A slower pace during this time offers us a fresh opportunity each winter to experience the transition from a child-like sense of the “I”, full of awe, to a more mature “I”, embraced by wisdom, light, and warmth. Through this journey inward we meet the core of who we...
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