In the Spirit’s Flow

Everything has its reason. We just have to look for it. The answer may be clear cut and simple, or a bit vague and complex. Here’s my question: Why is Easter on the first Sunday after the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere? Spring and autumn complement each other: they exist at the same time in the Earth’s North and South, enriching the planet. What if jumping...
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Souls Enrich the Spirit

We deserve love and comfort on every level. All of us. This is the most important thing to know, and believe, and embrace. Nobody and nothing ever deserves pain and suffering, of any kind. The experience of pain exists only to alert us that we’ve veered off the smooth path. Suffering is a consequence of our belief, mostly subconscious, that we deserve pain. It’s a powerful illusion of the...
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Perceive, Reflect, Renew

I don’t understand human life. Do you? Does anyone? We are searching… in the dark, groping for straws to hold onto. But then again, perhaps I do comprehend what’s going on… Science has uncovered many laws in Nature. We know that the Sun will rise each morning, and set each evening. We know that a seed needs to get proper nutrients to grow into a tree. We know that a baby will be born in...
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Awaken Your Dreams

Often we try so hard to fit into our physical bodies and daily obligations that we forget who we are. “You don’t have a soul, YOU ARE A SOUL. You have a body,” writes C.S. Lewis. It brought me to tears when I saw this quote for the first time. We are a soul, each one of us. It’s not that we have a soul, it’s the body that we have. You are a SOUL that wears a habit of the physical body, this...
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Clarity Shines

Do you dare to face the Truth? The initial glance may be awkward: you need to have the strength to maintain the focus for a while, and then the door opens. Yes, it’s uncomfortable to learn that a vicious battle has been going on for ages in the Spirit worlds, including the human realms. Yes, the Eternal Light shall prevail, although the forces of darkness are perpetuating the conflict, pushing...
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Light Awakens Love

The basic recipe for happiness is very simple: When in doubt, open to the Light, and you shall receive clarity. When in pain, open to the Light, and you shall be embraced with Love. It works, but… somehow we just don’t manage to follow the advice. Why? I always like to go back to observing the processes in Nature, and find solace in the insights I gain. There’s day and there’s...
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Fresh Stirrings

When people were fully dependent on the produce from the Earth, the last weeks of Winter could have been harsh. The diversity and quantity of food resources were dwindling down. “Can we make it until the fresh edible Spring fruits are ripe for gathering?” Observing plants and animals and the Sun gave hope. And inspired eagerness to escort the old Winter away, while enticing the shy Spring to...
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Endure and Thrive

Where does anything begin? Nothing starts from nothing. A tiny green sprout we notice poking through the ground didn’t just appear out of the blue. There was a seed, nutrients in the soil, rain showering moisture, the sun shining warmth. There’s always something else before the manifestation that we can observe with our five senses. May this week be the beginning that precedes the beginning....
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