Co-Creating Life

  I was taken aback for a moment when reading Rudolf Steiner’s verse for this week (Week 20). But then I realized that he was presenting an image as if in a photo negative. Now I can see that he was trying to convey how a person’s life would be if separated from others, if severed from the Spirit world. Each one of us would die if left alone. We are spiritual and gregarious creatures. The...
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Soul Dance

  Have you noticed how a bright sunny day can change your mood? Or how you are delighted by spring blossoms swaying in a gentle breeze? Human souls breathe with the Soul of our home planet and awaken when touched by its expressions in the seasons of Nature. We’re bathed in the sunshine during the day; we’re caressed by the Moon, planets, and stars at night. We feel the monthly lunar cycle...
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Soak in the Sun

  We’ve had a few heat waves this summer already, in NYC and in Europe, and there are more to come. Yes, it’s hot and humid, as it should be in July and August. The weather is pushing us to step off the fast track. Yet, we can still get the work done. One can often accomplish more when operating in smoother groove. You don’t even need an AC. I’ve been living without the artificial...
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Whisper of Consciousness

  New larynx is emerging for new consciousness to communicate through the syntax of poetry, through the kinesthetics of sacred geometry, making cosmic truth visible, making the music of the spheres perceptible. “Noetic is poetic,” sang Michael Reddy and Robert Schwarz at one of the conferences of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Yes, I still believe in poetry and geometry. Can we...
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Allow the Light

  “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high. Oh, your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-lookin’. So hush little baby, don’t you cry.” (From Ella Fitzgerald’s Summertime) The little baby is our lower ego, who tends to complain and not notice the blessings. The nanny singing the song is the Guardian Angel, reminding the scared...
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Enchanted Web

  Summertime invites us to open up the doors and windows of our inner world to the Light and warmth of the Sun, the benevolent cosmic being. The trees are enwrapped in their lush high summer attire, and we too can enjoy the spirit garments woven of Light and Love. Are you taking time to step out of the air-conditioned cubicles, and notice the Nature? Are you slowing down, and allowing the...
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Find Your Unique Flow

  Summertime, and yes, the living seems easier… if we let go of tight schedules, if we slow down. The high Sun invites us to step out of the artificial cubicles, and to soak in the beauty of Nature. Allow the Light to shine through your inner chambers. Let it enter into the most remote dungeons of your Soul. Ask the forces of Light and Love to dissolve your fears, negativity, darkness. May...
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Slow Down to Feel Alive

  How can we connect heart-to-heart if we are so hectic that there’s no pause to cross the street from me to you? Fast pace locks us in the cubicle-like environment where everything is a heavy shade of grey. I don’t have patience to listen, I don’t have time to look, I don’t have energy to speak. To hear relaxing raindrops, to see the playfulness of sunrays? How? Break free of the busy...
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