Curious Evolution

The abundant display of autumn foliage was all around us for the last eight weeks or so. But the yellow and orange and red and brown leaves were also falling down, one by one, abandoning the branches. And now we can notice again… the Sun-lit crisp blue late autumn sky through the silhouettes of lavender skeletons. The wind blows and blows to help the trees shed their summer attire. They need to...
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The Heart Matters

Look at the image for this week’s soulful sparks below. What do you see? The photo was taken by my sister Nataša Stubler in Slovenia, Europe, several years back.     “I remember there were pleasant afternoons then,” says Nataša. “When everything is magical and all fits together, when you feel love and you’re in love, loving everything around you… We went for a walk into...
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Choose Life

  The clocks were turned back to the natural solar dial in the U.S. last weekend. Finally. What a relief to be in sync with the cosmic Chronos again. But this change always requires some adjustments: we have to acclimate to the beat of Nature anew after running ahead since before the Vernal Equinox. Why is the world's leading nation so eager to rush into illusions, yet so reluctant to...
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Intricate Laces of Life

  The veils between the worlds are thin not just on the night of Samhain or Hallowmas/Halloween, which was in the middle of last week, but for a few days around the Mid-Autumn at the beginning of November. What do you see when you look across the threshold? Do you know how to face the Light? Or are you pulled down into the abyss of shadows, powerlessly? Don’t allow the lure of commercialism...
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Inner Sanctum

  The shadows are disappearing from my Soul. Finally. They’re sliding off like old skin, turning to dust. They’re evaporating in the bright Sun of my inner being. As Nature sheds off its summer garments, we are offered an opportunity to do the same. It’s a cleansing rite, but of a different kind then in the Spring. In Autumn, it’s about purifying our sensibilities along with the...
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Tapestries of Life

  My sister sent me this week’s image—see below—a while back. I was drawn to it immediately, but couldn’t quite find the right moment to feature it until now. Even though she captured the photo during the Summer several years ago, I felt it contains more. Yes, there’s a sense of August brightness, but it also contains the bare structure of Winter, as well as the comfort of the...
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Autumn Enriches

  I’ve come to view October as an indicator of what the upcoming year will bring. It’s about numerology: Add the digits of a number until you get only one digit, and then contemplate on its meaning. The months of January through September all already have only one digit. But October has two, 1 and 0, which add up to 1, same as January. I regard September as a good month to review what has...
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Going Deeper

  As autumn winds bring in colder weather, I long for summer’s light and warmth. Yet, as I look deeper, I realize that the brightness I seek is within me. No matter what time of the year or where I am, I can create a comfortable space for my Soul to thrive, nay, flourish. Yes, but, what do I actually need to do? You’ve probably noticed how each environment has its own peculiar vibe that...
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