Awaken Your Dreams

Often we try so hard to fit into our physical bodies and daily obligations that we forget who we are. “You don’t have a soul, YOU ARE A SOUL. You have a body,” writes C.S. Lewis. It brought me to tears when I saw this quote for the first time. We are a soul, each one of us. It’s not that we have a soul, it’s the body that we have. You are a SOUL that wears a habit of the physical body, this particular physical body that you have right now, in the current earthly incarnation.

Yes, life is an adventure, as I’m sure we’ve all heard before. But mind you, this sentence is not complete. The full thought is: Human life is an adventure of the Soul. Like a sailor, the Soul embarks into a vessel of a human body for a voyage across the worlds. The flesh becomes invigorated, albeit not conscious of the source. In the midst of a vast ocean, the Soul in the physical sheath may feel lonely, with only the Sun and the Stars for company. Dark clouds may gather, and the pilgrim may lose its way. Then a twinkle appears on a distant horizon. And another bright flicker. “Is this a lighthouse inviting me to a welcome refuge?” Hope is awakened in the weary traveler. A profound gratitude arises in the heart, and calming assurance envelops the brave Soul. “I shall survive to return home safely.” Or at least visit a comfortable land for a while, meeting new warm beings. Ah, smooth the edges, soften the corners, return to the circle of a loving community.

How do we discern the sweeps of light, promising rescue on the shore, from yet another lightning strike in a vicious storm? How to find a clear sign when the winds rage, waves threaten, heavy clouds pour rain? Center and ground yourself, my dear spiritual sailor. Tighten the core muscles of your body on a rocking boat. Squeeze the tummy and straighten the spine. Place your feet further apart on the ground. Otherwise, you’ll be thrown around at the slightest sway, grasping for some object or person to hold onto.

“Human life is an adventure of the Soul.” ~ Soulful Wizardess

The balance you seek is within you. The core muscles, including the ones that allow you to make love, are the center of the physical body. The heart is the key to a human existence, vibrating with the Highest Self, the essence of your spiritual truth. Our task as incarnated beings of Light is to connect these three centers into a bright column, from which to imbue the world of matter with Love. Walk the Earth in Light and Love. Connect vertically to the Gaia below and the Sun above. Spread the vibes of Love horizontally among each other.

Tune into the wisdom of your Soul. Invite the Infinite Light to shine through you. Practice easy, yet effective, harmonious movement exercise. Click here or on the image to access the free guided meditation.


When lost in the hardships of daily circumstances, anchor yourself by observing the flora. Trees and plants persistently reach upward towards the Sun, and are met by its light and warmth. They also dig into the rich soil: the deeper the roots, the higher the growth.

When you struggle to keep your inner flame alive, turn to fauna to lighten up. Listen to birds chirp as they greet a new day. What tiny crumbs of joy are you grateful for at this moment? Watch the squirrels run across the branches just for fun. Yes, do something—just for fun—to smile again, to bring the sparkles back to your eyes.

“Bring your dreams to life; rejoice in your own creations.” ~ Soulful Wizardess

The Spring always comes after the Winter. The Sun rises each morning on a clear blue sky, beyond the clouds. Sometimes the cold and dark seasons of the Soul linger so that we can expand our roots wider and deeper. These underground channels will supply energy for our heart to leap with joy into a new adventure. The fresh excitement of the Spring charges us with determination to manifest our cherished visions. You took time to process the past experiences, didn’t you? The rich compost you created will be the fuel for sustainable growth for you, for the Soul to manifest your visions in this lifetime.

Refresh your amazing ideas, play with possibilities, create your own reality. “Don’t worry, be happy,” sings Bobby McFerrin. The time is now. Stop worrying, start being happy. Align with the true North—your Highest Self—and shine.


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As the days and weeks and months and seasons progress, we all need ongoing gentle nudges and kind words to keep our inner flame alive. The electronic edition of the Soulful Sparks weekly Calendar provides such nourishment. The weekly verses and images invite us to tune in with our individual Soul to contemplate where we are, and draw inspiration and encouragement to continue on the path of personal development. The weekly calendar pages offer information about the stars and the planets, reminding us to move in harmony with the Cosmos.

The year ahead forms a soft outline of a path, covered with virgin snow on a bright winter day. It’s up to us to embellish this gift from the Universe with our actions, streaming from our own free will. And let’s not forget that we are continually supported by spiritual beings of Light, Love, Life.

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Soulful Sparks Weekly eCalendar for 2018 and beyond


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Awaken Your Dreams

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Soulful Sparks WEEKLY eCalendar awaits you…

Soulful Sparks Weekly eCalendar for 2018 and beyond


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