The heat of Summer eases our expansion into the high Spirit realms. The cold of Winter invites us to explore the inner fires of the Soul. And then it’s time to take action: Bringing Spirit impressions into the earthly life through thoughts that lead to deeds in Autumn; sharing Soul insights with the external world through heart-felt determination in Spring. In Autumn, we gather the harvest, the physical expression of the Soul’s abundance. We sow the seeds in Spring, the outer manifestation of the Spirit at work.

The month before the Equinox—autumnal in the North and vernal in the South—is full of expectation for the perfect balance of day and night. The weeks when we can see the cup as half empty or half full. Do we decide out of our own free will to weave a nourishing bridge of Light, Love, Life to connect with the Highest Self and with each other? Or do we opt for the unforgiving hard box of separation and isolation, made of harsh edges of contemporary hectic life style, constructed on greed for money and influence?

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life,” echoes the Greek philosopher Socrates.


“Let’s tune into Light, Love, Light to make wise choices.”


On August 22, the Sun enters the constellation of Virgo, the only feminine sign in the Western astrology. The royal blue Persephone ushers in the season of plenty in the Northern hemisphere. We descend from the heights of the Summer onto the Earth anew. We’re given a fresh opportunity to learn or remember how to walk on the firm soil, to be grateful for this Life along with its gifts and challenges. Yes, we need to engage in the work of harvesting before we can sit back and enjoy the gathered riches.

The month leading to the autumnal Equinox also offers us the invitation to review what has transpired since January. The first week of the Sun’s visit with the stars of Virgo is great time to do this. The air is still hot and humid, which encourages slower pace. Some colleges may open their doors already, but most schools wait to begin the academic year until September 1, or after the Labor Day in the U.S. And many who haven’t yet had a chance to take vacation, are ready to so now, in the last days of August.

Have the seeds you planted in Spring born fruit yet, or do they need a little more nurturing? Or perhaps you smothered them with too much worry and over-doing? Perhaps you simply need to step back to give the project or idea the space to grow. Mhm, or maybe you planted too early, and it would be wise to reconsider your strategies. Sit back to think things through now to be ready for adjustments, even new directions in September.

As spiritual beings in a physical body, our task is to build the Bridge between the realms of Spirit and matter while living the earthly life. Through thoughtful and heartfelt activities. Thinking, feeling, doing. The key is to find the balance among these three human processes. And this equilibrium is in constant flux, always in the midst of becoming.


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