Going Deeper


As autumn winds bring in colder weather, I long for summer’s light and warmth. Yet, as I look deeper, I realize that the brightness I seek is within me. No matter what time of the year or where I am, I can create a comfortable space for my Soul to thrive, nay, flourish. Yes, but, what do I actually need to do?

You’ve probably noticed how each environment has its own peculiar vibe that either resonates with you, or it does not. You feel the sensations in your muscles: they tighten up, or they relax. A particular place may seem right for you when analyzed with your mind, but your body may scream: “No, get me out of here!” Listen. Tune into these messages. Delve deeper, and try to figure out what’s going on.

We’re each born into this world with a unique purpose, created by us and our spirit guides before re-entering the physical existence. Your personal blueprint for this lifetime is hidden in the sounds of your name. Each letter of your name sings, shines with its own color, and vibrates with the energy of planets and constellations. Vowels sing with the planets; consonants dance with the stars. The stars and the planets that witnessed your birth always shine on you from the cosmic periphery. But when your name is spoken, the sounds are audible; they can be perceived here and now. The stars and the planets, associated with consonants and vowels, thus enter the world of matter, influencing your earthly affairs. Each one of us is special… with a unique Dynamic Name Mandala that helps us to know ourselves better.

Due to the density of the material plane, we struggle to remember our destiny. But if we choose to listen to the spiritual vibrations, we may start sensing our life’s purpose. And as we do so, it becomes more and more important to navigate toward environs that will allow our life plan to manifest. You may be drawn to people, places, tools that can assist you in your search. Friendships form as if they were meant to be.


“Tune into your senses. Heal your wounds. Become your glorious self.”


Regardless of the path we’re on individually, the main responsibility we have as human beings is to keep our Soul alive and comfortable so that the Spirit seed within each one of us can safely germinate, flourish, shine, and bear fruit. Keep this in mind when choosing where and with whom to live and work. Recognize toxic conditions within and around you. Perhaps you need to do some more inner work to heal. Remember, you can only transform yourself; you cannot change anyone else. You’re fully responsible for your existence, even though it may not always appear that way. Sometimes you may feel and think as a victim of the circumstances. Yet, you’re in charge of your own life at all times.

While it’s good to listen to and contemplate other people’s advice, don’t give your power away by following the opinion of others blindly. Only you can know what’s right for you. No one else. Although it may not be easy.

Embrace your power. It’s within you, no matter what. Your Highest Self is present at all times, waiting for your earthly self to opt for the re-union. Choose—out of your own free will—to break the bondage to the hectic, empty daily life. Relax, slow down. Flow with grace. Step into your brilliant column of Light, align with your healthy, glorious, powerful self.


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Going Deeper

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