Inner Sanctum


The shadows are disappearing from my Soul. Finally. They’re sliding off like old skin, turning to dust. They’re evaporating in the bright Sun of my inner being. As Nature sheds off its summer garments, we are offered an opportunity to do the same. It’s a cleansing rite, but of a different kind then in the Spring.

In Autumn, it’s about purifying our sensibilities along with the accompanying emotions. We can see through the fluff into the bare structure, and into the very core. We are invited to hand-pick the sensations and perceptions that contain true substance. And transform them into refined feelings to add to the essence of who we are. This process requires patience and discernment. We need to slow down, allowing the higher level thinking to arise in meditation and contemplation.

Anything not pure enough will be rejected by the barriers, safeguarding our innermost sanctum. But beware: If you neglect to engage in this Soul cleansing, the protective membrane will thicken into a rugged wall, making it difficult, if not almost impossible, to access your true self. Or perhaps that has already happened. Yet, your angst, raging within, is urging you to reconnect again with your essence. Don’t despair. You can still find a way back in. It may take longer. It may be painful. But once you cut through the thorny brambles around your own castle, and burn them, they won’t grow back, as long as you continue to nourish your Soul light with love, beauty, and goodness.

“The ripened fruits of thinking
flourish in the sunlight of my Soul;
The flow of feeling is transformed
through conscious self-assurance.
I can perceive now joyfully
The Autumn’s spirit waking:
The Winter will arouse in me
The Summer of the Soul.”

Rudolf Steiner’s verse for Soulful Week 30 from his Calendar of the Soul
(Translated from German by Ruth and Hans Pusch)

As I contemplated the Steiner’s words, and digested them through my own life experiences, the following poem arose:

“Autumn weaves intricate
tapestries of life and death,
inviting me to contemplate
the depths of existence.
I honor my Sun’s heritage
I forgive the fallen shadows,
hope for new Life through Love.”


Fine-tune your thoughts, refine your feelings, live in the Spirit’s Light.


As we gather the fruits of the Summer, and carefully store only the best for the Winter months, so we do with our inner work. Slowly, practicing year after year, we may gain mastery to be able to create a wonderful, bright and warm space within that will sustain us through any harshness we may encounter. Fine-tuned higher level thinking may enable us to furnish our Soul’s chambers with refined feelings and sensibilities to help us live in true Light of the Spirit.


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Contemplate this week’s image and verse:


Inner Sanctum

To read the Rudolf Steiner’s Verse 30 for this week, click here.

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