I always feel a perceptible shift in me at the beginning of September, regardless of my inner mood and outer circumstances. Perhaps this sensibility developed through my schooling. In Slovenia, where I grew up, the grade and high schools started on the first day of September. Yes, I enjoyed the summer vacation, but was looking forward to embark on the ship of new learning adventures in the company of my classmates.

Enormous transitions on the Soul’s annual pilgrimage occur in September, especially in the temperate zones of the Northern hemisphere. The weekend ushering in the ninth month serves as a hump, across which we return onto the Earth after a bright ride through the Summer’s glory.

We are brought back to the tasks of daily life. Yes, it’s still Summer, with the Autumn’s approach palpable in the air. The Summer’s celestial radiance and Autumn’s earthly practicality weave a magical atmosphere of new possibilities.


“Embrace the Light. Let it shine through you into daily life.”


The September transition is like the space between the 5th note and the 4th note in the descending diatonic scale in music. The note SO, if I use the solfeggio names, is still part of the upper tetrachord, and belongs to the brightness of the Summer. The FA note is the entrance to the lower tetrachord, the stepping back into the practical earthly life of the Autumn.

The ideas that we received from the Spirit heights through Intuition, Inspiration, Imagination, may now be ready to manifest in the world of matter. But the mode needs to change. We have to let go of our attachment to the intangible spiritual world, and dedicate ourselves to the tangible world of Gaia. Don’t misunderstand me though. We are and always will be spiritual beings passing through the material existence. Our connection with the Source of Light, Love, Life can never be severed.

Yet, we are human beings with the physical body, which is a gift from the animal kingdom, and a Soul, which is a present from the spiritual realms. Our task is to build the bridge between the two by using our free will. To embrace our humanity, to claim our uniqueness in the Universe. We have to stop being dependent on the angelic forces; we must cease our slavery to the matter. Attachment to the former deteriorates into pride and lust for fame; bondage to the latter pushes us into greed and abuse. Idealism and materialism are stages in human development; humanism is the stream that moves us onward.

The ninth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar represents the birthing process. It’s the invitation to dance with the stars of Leo and Virgo, the divine masculine and divine feminine, to gently spin our own column of Light, through which we can connect the mother Gaia and the father Sky. The Archangel Michael awaits us on the other end of the tunnel of becoming. His feast day is on September 29, just a few days after the autumnal equinox. Call upon him if you get stuck. Ask for his protection while you are gathering the Spirit Light into the inner flame of your Soul.

The Summer’s expansiveness gradually condenses into the human world, enlightening our work with each other. Will we, of our free will, take the luminous offering of Summer and integrate the nurturing Light into our Soul? Or will we permit the density of hectic modern life prevent the brilliance from entering into our being?

Compassion bridges the two. Be gentle with yourself and others. Accept yourself and the other as we are. Let’s not throw away the precious moment of the now. It’s so easy to be pulled away by the shoulds set by the society or imposed by our lower ego aspects.

Gratitude opens our heart to receive the seed of Light into our Soul and to perceive the seed of Light in everyone. Let’s cultivate this present of the Summer within, and let’s allow its brightness guide our work to create communities, small and large.


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